Thursday, April 19, 2018

LOOKBOOK | Going for more color

halfwhiteboy - striped uniqlo minions t-shirt and colored jeans 01

I really love my stash from Uniqlo's Minions Bello Summer t-shirt collection. After dressing up one with matching lightweight seersucker blazer and pants, I'm letting it loose this time with this striped piece.

LOOKBOOK | Summer sweater

halfwhiteboy - green yellow and brown combo 01

Wearing a sweater at this time of year in this part of the world would probably sound ludicrous. But if you work in an office, that most likely is alright. The key here is to wear one in a lightweight and breathable fabric. Having it in colorful and cheerful-looking patterns to match summer is an option.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

DINING: Surf Shack (San Juan, La Union): Where almost nothing is available

halfwhiteboy - surf shack, san juan, la union 01
Disappointing experience at Surf Shack.

I don't know if San Juan, La Union is just taking the laid-back vibe very, very seriously but here I am again with another disappointing restaurant. After a not-so-pleasant time at Flotsam & Jetsam's restaurant, we were met with a similar--if not worse--experience at Surf Shack.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

TRAVEL | Flotsam & Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel: Nice and hip place to stay in San Juan, La Union, BUT...

halfwhiteboy - flotsam and jetsam la union 01
All sorts of touches along one of the hallways of Flotsam & Jetsam.

Surfing or not, La Union has been steadily figuring out as a go-to destination for quick vacations, particularly the town of San Juan. Several establishments have of course mushroomed in the wake of this boom. Now where to stay in San Juan?

We've tried Flotsam & Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel, which, by all accounts is no longer just a humble hostel because it now has a dozen accommodation options. Business must be good.

Now here's a rundown of our experience.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

LOOKBOOK | Bello, summer: Dressing up a t-shirt for work

halfwhiteboy - dressing up a t-shirt (uniqlo minions bello summer) 01

So serious there. I guess the expression goes with trying to look dignified in some way. Because I chose to wear a t-shirt to work when it's not a Friday, I had to dress it up somehow; hence, the matching seersucker pants and blazer.

Seersucker, of course, is made for summer. It also helps that the blazer is unlined, so I'm still comfortable despite the heat. Finished off the outfit with boat shoes. Now I look like I'm headed to my yacht--except that I don't have one.

halfwhiteboy - dressing up a t-shirt (uniqlo minions bello summer) 02

But why I really wanted to wear a t-shirt is because of this:

halfwhiteboy - dressing up a t-shirt (uniqlo minions bello summer) 03

Bello, summer! Uniqlo just recently released a collection of t-shirts for summer featuring our beloved Minions. And I cannot resist them Minions.

halfwhiteboy - dressing up a t-shirt (uniqlo minions bello summer) 04

halfwhiteboy - dressing up a t-shirt (uniqlo minions bello summer) 05
And back.

halfwhiteboy - dressing up a t-shirt (uniqlo minions bello summer) 06
Keeping it subtle for most of the day.

halfwhiteboy - dressing up a t-shirt (uniqlo minions bello summer) 07
Now let's take this off and let loose.

halfwhiteboy - dressing up a t-shirt (uniqlo minions bello summer) 08
Smile and be happy!

T-shirt, blazer, and pants (Uniqlo); shoes (Mr. Finch).

Monday, April 9, 2018

FASHION | 9 Instagram accounts for your buttoned shirts this summer

halfwhiteboy - tropical print shirt

Recently I featured 5 local indie brands on Instagram where you can score swim shorts this summer. Now your OOTD wouldn't be complete without a nice summer-themed shirt, right? I know you can go shirtless on the beach and all but you can't be a total showoff all the time, now would you?

So here are 9 local indie brands on Instagram where you can get a new batch of buttoned shirts for summer. Because we also need to cover up sometimes.

Pasadya Manila

Pasadya Manila only started sometime last year and it looks like business is good because they've been steadily outfitting celebrities like Piolo Pascual, Nico Bolzico, Kean Cipriano, and more. Their IG account also shows women wearing their pieces, which, by the way, are lovingly named Constancia, Josephine, Amelia, David, and Narra to name but a few. Their prints are very tropical, dominated of course by florals, although they also feature stripes and other patterns.

Shirts are priced at around Php 899 or so. They also sell at The Park at Shangri-la Plaza.

A post shared by Pasadya Manila_Est. 2017 (@pasadya_manila) on


Littered with florals and leaves, Lawud's shirts are as tropical that they can get. Based on their IG posts, the brand seems to be projecting an indie type of cool that's both suited for the beach and in the city. Their shirts are also sold at hipster retailers like Purveyr Post in Bangkal, Makati and Kendo Creative at the Cubao Expo.

Shirts sell for Php 850 online and about Php 950 at their partner stores.

A post shared by Lawud (@lawudlife) on

Tai' Lorde Clothing

Ditching the loudness for subtlety, Tai' Lorde Clothing opts for small patterns against solid colors instead. Having only launched this year (March, if I'm not mistaken), they still have few designs on offer, though. Nonetheless, their shirts are on the lower pricing end, which should be a plus.

Shirts retail for Php 599.

The Ilustrados

In addition to the usual buttoned shirts, The Ilustrados has what they call Cubans. They're still buttoned shirts but with a more open collar. As to prints, they're not limited to florals. They got paisley, ethnic-inspired, stripes, and minimalist patterns--plain ones, too. Based on shipping info on their website, items are usually made to order, so it takes a little longer before you can wear them. But they do have ready-to-wear pieces at their HQ in Katipunan, QC and at Glorietta 3, Makati.

Shirts are priced at Php 990 apiece.


This brand sells everything from shirts to shorts, bags, watches, and various leather goods. As for their shirts, Locals is more on small repetitive patterns although they've also thrown in a couple of loud tropical prints for summer.

Prices vary from around Php 650 to as high as Php 980 per shirt.

RVL Clothing

RVL Clothing offers yet another wide array of printed shirts (t-shirts, too) that can safely take you from city to the beach. Their designs are comprised of both loud florals and small repetitive patterns like aeroplanes and sailboats. You can also score their shirts from Treats and Pieces at Eastwood Citywalk.

Buttoned shirts are priced at Php 799.


Not only are they about shorts because Hovermen also offers buttoned shirts, though primarily in plain, solid colors. However, they've just recently released a collection of both plain and printed Cuban collared shirts--just in time for summer.

Shirts go for Php 650 apiece.

A post shared by HOVERMEN Shop (@hovermen) on

Closet by Basics

Except for their recent summer shirt releases, Closet by Basics shirts are mostly plain and if printed, are confined to small repetitive patterns. Their product line also consists of t-shirts and shorts.

Shirt prices vary from about Php 649 to Php 750, depending on the style.


ERB and CHET is probably one of the earlier ones that have used Instagram as an online selling platform. They have expanded quite considerably and today they have at least two physical stores: at Eastwood Citywalk and at the Venice Grand Canal Mall. Their choices of prints have remained eye-catching to this day--and they're not all florals, providing a wide range of options for the man who's averse to having flowers on his shirt.

Buttoned shirts retail for Php 999.

Anything we can add to the list? Let's all support local!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

LOOKBOOK | A splattering of black

halfwhiteboy - paint splatter boots 01

That's Teacup, one of our six--yes, six!--cats (cue: that "I have six cats" song). Both he and my shoes are splattered with black paint.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

FASHION | 5 local swim shorts finds on Instagram

halfwhiteboy - swim shorts 01

Nothing more screams summer than a trip to the beach. White sand, black sand, gray sand, pink sand, or brown sand beach, it doesn't matter. But are you ready with your OOTDs? You'll need a new set of beachwear, right? I'm thinking tropical print shirts, tank tops, some linen pieces, and of course, swim shorts.

While they're everywhere to be found, Instagram can be a source of some great finds, too. Here's but a few local brands on Instagram where you can get your next set of swim shorts.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

LOOKBOOK | Adapting to summer's delayed arrival

halfwhiteboy - plaid shirt blue pants blue leather jacket 01

It's peculiar enough that summer hasn't seem to arrive just yet. Holy Week has come and gone and it's been the "coldest" that I've experienced so far. Cold here, of course, is relative because we're a tropical country. Not that I'm complaining (because who wants to be dripping in sweat all the time?) but by this time of year we should already be suffering from temperatures of 30+ degrees.

But no. Thankfully.

FRAGRANCE | Vial trial: Diptyque Tam Dao

halfwhiteboy - diptyque tam dao

Last year I started reviewing sample fragrances given out by sales people from various department store purchases. I playfully called it Vial Trials, and the first one I wrote about was a review of Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss. Although it took a while, I'm following it up here with a review of Diptyque Tam Dao.
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